CQDE Electric Reach Truck Forklift

EPS swerve can reduce Maxiton’s Electric Reach Truck Forklift energy consumption by 20%, reducing cost while boosting performance. Direction change can be easily done as the controls are all within reachable distance from the seating platform.

Speed of Maxiton’s Electric Reach Truck Forklift reduces automatically when the fork is descended to 10cm above the ground. This is especially important for fragile materials as it reduces the damages by vibration.

A roof, rear view mirror, horn function and electro-magnetic brake increase the safety level provided by Maxiton’s Electric Reach Truck Forklift.

Designed with straddled legs at the side, Maxiton’s Electric Reach Truck Forklift can be used on both open and closed pallets.


Product Specification:

1. Operation type: Sitting

2. Power type: Fully electric

3. Rated capacity: 1500 -2000 kg

4. Max lifting height: 3000 mm

5. Fork dimension (mm): 1070 x 100 x 35 ,  1070 x 122 x 40

6. Overall width: 1295 mm

7. Turning radius: 1745 mm, 1845 mm

8. Minimum ground clearance: 20 mm

9. Battery capacity: 48V/300Ah

10. Brake: Electromagnetic brake


CQDE electric reach truck forklift