Automate Your Warehouse

Intelligent storage handling equipment prepares us for Industry 4.0, where systems are integrated and machines are augmented with wireless connectivity and sensors. Maxiton intelligent warehouse storage (MIWS) system is a collection of different automated material handling equipment made specifically to maximize productivity for each individual tasks.
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24/7 non stop operation

Replace mundance work processes and free up precious manpower. Let the AGV work 24/7 for you at no additional costs

Increased accuracy

Every action is carefully calculated and execute. Laser sensors are able to achieve high accurancy, reducing errors.

Increase productivity & reduce manpower costs

AGV do not need overtime pay, increase in salary nor medical leave to perform 24/7 non-stop operation.


Maxiton AGV is fitted with sensors from SICK from Germany. An intricate AGV security system is put in place to make it possible for AGV to operated in places with high human interaction.

 Security is of utmost importance to us. Maxiton intelligent warehouse storage (MIWS) system is equipped with a well rounded security system to ensure the safety of all personnel, making is suitable to operate in a manned environment. MIWS utilizes a system of laser and radar systems to bring the automated guided vehicle (AGV) to retardation and eventually to a stop within the shortest possible time.

Laser scanners detect if an object is in front of the AGV, and if so the AGV will slow down as it approaches and then stop when coming too close.

On the sides and on the back of the AGV there are also safety edges and electro-mechanical bumpers which cuts off electrical supply in the event of impact. Such conditions also triggers the alarm to notify the operators.

Why Invest in AGV?


Reduce damages to structure

The AGV operates with lasers, sensors, and cameras that help them efficiently and safely operate through the warehouse. 

Increase in productivity

AGV can work around the clock. This means no lunch breaks, multiple shifts to cover, and reduced ancillary expenses. 

Reduced labour costs

You pay a single expense for the equipment—the initial investment—versus ongoing costs.

easily scalable

Alteration of the backend programming can be done easily by our software engineering team.

Easy integration into existing systems

Backend system collects inventory data that can be collated in your exisiting Warehouse Manageent System (WMS).

increased safety

Equipped with a well rounded security system to ensure the safety of all personnel.

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